Monika (ergotismus) wrote,

- Grey days with heavy concrete, a December for brutalism.
- Confidential magazine article about J. X. Williams, "Party Line Pornographer" page one page two page three grime, a bible college, housewives, the Hollywood blacklist, communism in Babylon (Via). No Virgin Sacrifice.
- Sleepy-eyed with phantom hands.

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I've loved those photos of women in bathtubs for years.
Could you tell they were pornography at first? I love that they're so ambiguous.
ahhh my life has meaning
WOah brotha, this is the best!!!
Final tub shot is pure loveliness!
That's what most of the pictures are like, smiling girls in tubs with exposed garters.
women and water - a never ending story!
Is your icon from Clouzot's Inferno?
Exactly. It's from a photo im this entry. I hadn't seen the movie when I posted it. In the meantime I bought the DVD and I am planning to post some more stills one day.
btw. bathtubs: have you seen these?
I actually have, in person even.
I love your posts on laceandflora! Do you mind if I add you?
Thank you! Not at all, and I added you.