Monika (ergotismus) wrote,

Two of my favourite things at Cape May are the abandoned WWII bunker in Cape May Point state park and the half sunken concrete ship on Sunset Beach.

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i've been to coney island a few times now and i'm always amazed by how run down the place is. though it's not uncommon to see old beach destinations fall apart, coney island is the only place i've seen it for myself. makes for lovely photos haha. have you ever been yourself? i love coney island at night (the film) and wish it was longer. your caps are perfect :)

fort tilden beach in queens reminds me of the cape may bunker. abandoned buildings near and on the beach. i went there for a photoshoot with a friend once. she shoots (her name is mara taber) with a field camera and never shot outside with it before so it was more of an experiment. unfortunately all of the photos came out too over exposed... it's a shame because the location was perfect.
the photos of cape may you posted are beautiful and haunting!

i've been looking at abandoned locations in japan the past few days and found this:
I really want to go to Coney Island, but I haven't seen many current pictures of it so I don't really know how much is there and what shape it's in. Thanks! The caps are from an episode of American Experience about Coney, it's very interesting and has a lot about what rides and attractions were at each of the parks.

I am totally convinced Japan has the best abandoned places.

this post (and summertimes) puts me in the mood to watch night tide...

Oh I've had Night Tide on my to watch list forever, I really have to get around to watching it.
great shots. i remember the old roller coaster at coney island. not as a working ride, but as you have it above, covered in vines. they finally tore it down and i was somehow sad to see it go. as a ruin it really was special.
I really want to go to Coney Island but I think I'll be disapointed, since it's neither like the original edwardian dreamland or decaying remnants of that.
woah that ship!
The photos make it look smaller and further away from shore, it's really gorgeous to see with the sunset.