Monika (ergotismus) wrote,

There wasn't much in the way of Autumn colour here, lot's of slow browning. Dribbles instead of bursts. A lot of clear warm days and mostly cloudy nights (but I can't see the Leonids from the city anyway).

Thinking of: passenger's seat in an old cream car, roadside revivals, healing tents, iced mint tea, shoebox museums, snake handling, tourist caves, time-warp motels off the highway, megachurches, themed rooms, cartons of fruit, great lakes, Sunday morning hats, stuck skin, dusty white chapels, standing in a corn field, sudden thunderstorms, repent signs, always afternoon or evening, hell houses, being lost, doomsday radio, Midwestern horizon, outdoor pools with plastic palms, church supper cakes, waking up in a new place everyday, stained glass, abandoned bible camps, summer strawberry hair, stopping on the side of secluded roads, state souvenirs, speaking in (popsicle stained) tongues.

Everything from (Photos linked to original posts)
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