Monika (ergotismus) wrote,

Movies June 6th to July 8th (stills):

People Who Own The Dark, 1976, León Klimovsky: Eh, boring survival horror movie. Watch the first half hour if you want to see bored and powerful people play sex games in a cave and then end up saved from the apocalypse because of their hedonism and excess. Watch the last hour if you want to see blind villagers eat the rich.

Succubus, 1968, Jesus Franco: Not the best but I really liked it. So dreamy.

Ambiguous, 2003, Toshiya Ueno: A pink film about an internet suicide support group that decides to get together and kill themselves. I don't have anything to say about this that isn't said better in the Midnight Eye review.

Famine 33, 1991, Oles Yanchuk: Heavy handed and often overly sentimental. No good.

Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess, 1971, Kazuhiko Yamaguchi: Fun but not memorable at all.

Muscle, 1989, Hisayasu Sato: A man becomes obsessed with a model in a magazine he publishes, Muscle. He cuts off the model's arm during, gets sent to prison. After he's released he searches for the man and a copy of Salo. Filled with Pasolini references, mostly Salo and Teorema. One of my favourites by Sato.

Snijeg, 2008, Aida Begic: A Bosnian village deals with the aftermath of war. All the men were killed and now the women sell chutneys and pickles. I had read that this had some fantastic/magical realism elements, but it didn't so I was disappointed. Otherwise alright.

The Lorelei’s Grasp, 1976, Amando de Ossorio: Beautiful. It gave me a dream about a stranded lorelai in a seaside castle and glass harmonicas.

Ferat Vampire, 1982, Juraj Herz: So good. It's a shame that Herz's worst film, The Cremator, is his most widely seen.

Watcher in the Attic, 1976, Noboru Tanaka: A combination of two Rampo stories, one about a man spying on tenants at a boarding house through a hole in the attic floor and the other about a man who wants to live inside of his boss' chair, to be closer to her. The voyeur witnesses a woman killing her lover (she knows she's being watched), which starts a chain of bizarre murders and games. Pure ero guro, I loved it.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne, 1981, Walerian Borowczyk: My favourite Borowczyk along with La Marge (so far).

Lake of Dracula, 1971, Michio Yamamoto: Standard vampire story (people mysteriously dying, a girl remembering strange childhood events, Gothic mansions) but more stylish, autumnal and enjoyable.

Salome, 1972, Carmelo Bene: So delirious, heady and decadent, but I couldn't really get into it. Kept getting distracted.

After Beardsley, Chris James: The soundtrack and visuals are pretty perfect but I don't like the romanticising of Beardsley's era, the idea that he would be so disappointed by the present. Especially when he walks through what I think is 42nd street and sees someone using heroin, Beardsley was no stranger to sleaze and opioids were prevalent in the late 1800s too.

School in the Crosshairs, 1981, Nobuhiko Ohbayashi: A high school girl discovers she has psychic powers and must save her school from a Venusian who makes the students want to follow strict rules with heavy punishments. The first half is all high school crushes and after school ice cream, light as candy floss. Later on it goes full Ohbayashi style green screen. Not as good as House but still great. Ohbayashi is one of the funnest directors to watch.


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