Monika (ergotismus) wrote,

Went to:
- Athens, OH, a month ago to visit Hazel. Had a migraine on the drive there, blind spots spreading out over my whole visual field. Got my sight back while crossing into West Virginia. Pink sunset skies over green mountains, thick fog. Early morning motel baths to Vashti Bunyan, gigantic heirloom tomatoes, stream wading, honeydew tea, ponds filled with snail shells and frogs, walking over Sideling Hill.
- A fair with strawberry lemonade, tents stacked full of the softest rabbits, chicks and ducklings, so many baby goats.
- State game land at St. Peter's Village. Stood in the stream (thigh deep) and found mushrooms. Walked across an abandoned rail bridge.
- A nearly empty after labour day beach. We were alone in the ocean at sunset, everything foamy and pearlescent. Caramel popcorn, quiet ferris wheels and a stormy boardwalk. Maybe Island Beach state park this weekend.

- I had a TEE in August, so now I know for sure I have a congenital heart defect. There's a hole in between my atria. I have left to right shunting which means that some of my oxygenated blood gets sent back to my lungs instead of to the rest of my body. I'm looking into getting surgery for it soon. I really hope that I can get it, in part because of the things that go along with ASDs/PFOs (atrial hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, stroke, heart failure, enlarged heart, etc) and because they're associated with migraines. It's common for people to stop having migraines or have them with reduced frequency after surgery. Hopefully I can have it closed, avoid the cardiac and vascular problems and maybe have less migraines.

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