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So behind on this, movies from July, August and September (stills):

A Time of Roses, 1969, Risto Jarva- Has some wonderful retro-futurism. A man making a documentary/bio film about a 60's model becomes infatuated with her and her contemporary doppelganger. He tries to fashion the look alike into an idealised version of his subject. I wish Radley Metzger had directed this, it probably would have been fantastic.

Veruschka, 1971, Franco Rubartelli- Sometimes I can watch movies without subtitles no problem, but not here.

The Old Dark House, 1932, James Whale- I need to stop being so late writing these so I don't forget everything.

Le Bleu des Origines, 1979, Philippe Garrel- Oppressive and uncomfortable silence.

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, 2011, Chad Freidrichs- There's a joke about Yamasaki being famous for his buildings falling down.

Check to the Queen, 1969, Pasquale Festa Campanile

La Belle Captive, 1983, Alain Robbe-Grillet- Love, love, love this.

A Taste of Blood, 1967, H. G. Lewis- Maybe the worst H. G. Lewis I've seen (but I like Lewis quite a bit overall).

Incontro D'Amore, 1970, Paolo Heusch and Ugo Liberatore- Boring time capsule of open relationships.

Vali, The Witch of Positano, 1965, Sheldon Rochlin

Bright Future, 2003, Kiyoshi Kurosawa- I think this is better to go into not knowing anything. I've sort of put off watching any Kurosawa until now, and I don't know why.

La Fin du Monde, 1931, Abel Gance- Straight forward apocalypse film (a comet is going to collide with Earth) filled with stylish art deco design but also a forced and uncomfortable religious ending.

Undo, 1994, Shunji Iwai- A girl becomes obsessed with knots and keeping her belongings tied up as she grows more unsure of her relationship with her boyfriend.

Damned in Venice, 1978, Ugo Liberatore- Misty gondolas, crowded graveyards, mysterious and violent deaths, blonde children bringing about the end of the world, this could almost be a lost Fulci film (made around the same time as The Psychic).

A Story of the Forest: Mavka, 1983, Yuri Ilyenko- A perfect woodland dream.

Beyond Love and Evil, 1971, Jacques Scandelari- I wonder how many (if any at all) sex cults formed around Sade's philosophies during the 60's and 70's. I could see this movie inspiring a lonely, divorced salesman to try and start one but it failing because he'd have no connections or idea where to advertise for followers.

Anvil: The Story of Anvil, 2008, Sacha Gervasi

Landscape Suicide, 1987, James Benning-

The Black Torment, 1964, Robert Hartford-Davis- The most disappointing thing in ghost stories is when there's a Scooby Doo style twist at the end and there was never really anything supernatural at all.

The Bite, 1966, Kan Mukai- Lacklustre early pink film with blackmail and voyeurism. I barely remember watching this.

Vampire Doll, 1970, Michio Yamamoto- A sick girl's mother sells her soul to the devil in order to keep her alive. Dead ravens, bloody nightgowns, cold hands, destructive familial love.

Where Are My Children? 1916, Tyrone Power- Sensationalist arguments against abortion from 1916 are the same as sensationalist arguments against abortion from 2012.

The Face of Another, 1966, Hiroshi Teshigahara

The Swinging Cheerleaders, 1974, Jack Hill- Best to worst
1. Revenge of the Cheerleaders
2. The Swinging Cheerleaders
3. The Cheerleaders

Yeelen, 1987, Souleymane Cissé- I want to love this, but there's some really terrible (not to mention unnecessary) animal cruelty in the beginning I can't get over.

Mill of the Stone Women, 1960, Giorgio Ferroni-

Morbo, 1972, Gonzalo Suárez- A couple go on their honeymoon in the woods and encounter a family of voyeurs. The scene with Alicia walking through a burnt forest and crumbling castle is perfect but the rest is totally bland. I'm also pretty bored of disabled villains.

Au Pair Girls, 1972, Val Guest- Uninhibited Scandinavian women befuddle uptight British men with their lax attitude toward nudity. Recently on the local news there was a story about how a nearby town voted to make it illegal to harass a breast feeding woman or make her leave a store or restaurant. A woman against the ruling said "I can't believe it, this isn't Sweden!"

Double Suicide, 1969, Masahiro Shinoda

Bloody Birthday, 1981, Ed Hunt- I usually enjoy bad seed films, but I disliked the kids in this so much. Still some fun though.


Nekonade- Pretty simple and standard, straight laced business man finds the cutest kitten and changes his ways but it's just so sweet and makes me melt inside. Perfect for sick days.

Lorna, The Exorcist- I always like Franco's cruel women.

The Nude Vampire

I Love to Singa



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